Favorite Finds

February 17, 2017
What a week! From Valentine’s Day and Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.), to sweet treats, business chatter and so much more, I sifted … Here are some of my favorite finds from the week.

  • What is a pangolin? – Google’s Valentine’s Day doodleshelped promote awareness of this endangered species, which happens to be the world’s only scaly mammal.
  • Dulce de leche?! Yum! – I had no idea Johnny Rockets made a treat with this delicious concoction! But time is almost up. Does it taste as good as it looks?
  • Down to Business – Trendkite is offering a free guide called “Everything a PR Pro Needs to Know about Google Analytics.” You can download your free copy here.
  • Love the Crossword – The New York Times crossword is 75 years old! Various celebrities and other well-known figures developed special puzzles to mark the occasion.
  • Kitchen Redo for $200?? – I’m in a real2estate mindset and am in awe of this $200 kitchen makeover posted by Apartment Therapy.

If you paint your cabinets, reward yourself with a nice milkshake. Have a great weekend!