Hot Topics for Warm Weather

February 24, 2017
Following a week of record-high temperatures across the US (especially here in Chicagoland), here are a few of my warm and fuzzy headlines from this week!
  • Instagram is Insta-changing. You heard that right, Instagram unleashed, yet again, another update. This update may be the most significant yet, next to the first video update and changing the logo of the photo-sharing app. Now, instead of taking 30 minutes to decide what picture you and your pals look more fun in, you don’t have to choose! With the new update, you can upload up to 10 photos or videos into a single Instagram post in a carousel-like format. This is a pivotal move, allowing users, especially business and bloggers, to have more freedom with their posts! It’s time to expect more how-to videos on the millennial-favorite app.

  • Who’s on your ballot? This biggest night in show business is this Sunday and everyone is patiently waiting to see who will be crowned king of Hollywood at the 89thAnnual Academy Awards. From the red carpet where the starlets will dazzle us with their style, to the opening number where host Jimmy Kimmel will show us how effectively he can incorporate a tense political atmosphere into his monologue and finally, crowning the winners of the coveted prizes. Will the Academy tip their hat to the Hollywood favorite La La Land or will the fan favorite, Hidden Figures, take home the night’s biggest prize? Tune into ABC at 7:30 CT this Sunday to find out.
  • The Martian – more than just a fantasy? In a galaxy far, far away..well about 40 lightyears to be exact…astronomers have found not one, but seven Earth-sized planets orbiting around a dwarf star. This discovery offers the first real possibility of alien life outside of our solar system. The star that the seven planets are orbiting around, known as TRAPPIST-1, is a small, dim celestial star in the constellation Aquarius. Three of the circling planets are the right distance away from the star as well as the correct temperature, enabling the possibility of water and even life. Que the watch parties of ET this weekend.
  • Move over Kardashians, the Kattarshians are coming. A new Icelandic reality show is chronicling the life of playful kittens in a 24 hour a day, seven days a week via live streaming internet. The show, Keeping Up with the Kattarshians, is the purr-fect outlet for cat lovers everywhere. The show was created by the Icelandic Cat Protection Society as a fun way to showcase all of the orphaned cats who are currently up for adoption. Viewers can watch the cat’s daily shenanigans by the help of three GoPro cameras capturing their every move, exploring how they play, sleep, and interact. Just remember, these cats don’t have homes, and you could be the one to change that!