When United Skies Get A Little Less Friendly and You Can’t Drink Pepsi Anymore…

April 14, 2017
The sun came out (for a minute) and the colorful Easter eggs will be popping up soon…so it must be baseball season! Oh and SPRING! To put a (Easter) bunny hop in your step, here are some chocolate nuggets of happenings I stumbled upon this week:

  • PR Emergency! Every weary traveler sympathized with the physician (and ex-felon) who was dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight after refusing to give up his seat, and a leaked United staff memoaddressing the incident only made things worse. This comes after United was scrutinized for kicking off female passengers wearing leggings (aka LeggingsGate) a few weeks earlier. Speaking of PR nightmares, maybe Pepsi and Sean Spicer can help them out! Probably not…
  • Calling All Bookworms! The internet was abuzz with content celebrating National Library Week, as book fanatics across the country shared their favorite tidbits about the quiet reading sanctuaries of knowledge. Here are 5 must-read picks for communication pros!
  • Spider Man, Meet Your Match! Speaking of worms, a newfound species of marine worm snails is making news. The marine snails are able to sling nets of mucus similar to Peter Parker himself. Similarly, tiny plankton also have a weapon up their sleeves, able to shoot out nematocysts that pierce prey and drag them back to be eaten! These discoveries have made sharks everywhere very jealous, causing some of these master predators to find new (less effective) ways to hunt prey!
  • All Eyes on April! April the Giraffe, that is. The lovely mother-to-be has still not given birth, much to the chagrin of the tens of millions eagerly watching her every move. Once the baby is born there will be a naming contest held at the zoo. My vote is for Freckles.
  • Excuse Me, There’s a Bat in my Human Food…Dead bat in bagged salad? Sounds like a diet-breaker. But it may still be a better option than the nutrient-lacking “people meat.” Studies suggest early humans demonstrated cannibalistic behavior at times for social or cultural motivations, not because humans were a good source of protein. With creatures like mammoths around, people were not considered a delicacy.
  • When Life Gives You Lemons, Build a Hyperloop! In response to President Trump’s call for design bids for the proposed wall along the US-Mexico border, one organization submitted a $1 trillion hyperloop transportation network. Rather than construct a barrier between the two countries, the hyperloop would create a shared nation along the border called Otra Nation, with an independent local government and nonvoting representatives in the US and Mexican legislatures. This is one of many hyperloopproposals, including one that could get people from Chicago to Pittsburgh in 47 minutes flat!
  • Forget the jelly beans! In London, egg cartons are being filled with something significantly more delicious than just colorful Easter eggs right now…meet the Dhan waffles! These doughnut, cake and waffle hybrid morsels come in a variety of flavors (even carrot cake) and look ridiculously scrumptious! Egg hunts would be way more fun if these were involved…

Have a great weekend! For those celebrating Easter, don’t forget the true history of the holiday! 😉