Filters, Fancy Flushes and Four Seconds of Fame

May 19, 2017
While the White House continued to dominate the headlines, there were a few unrelated stories that somehow cut through the clutter. Here are a couple that captured our attention and tickled our funny bones:

  • Copycats – This week, Instagram launched is latest update – a fun, but familiar, new feature called Face Filters. The selfie lenses closely mimic what was arguably Snapchat’s most differentiated characteristic – and could spell more challenges for Snap Inc. on the horizon. This announcement comes on the heels of the recent roll out of “Saved Collections” on Instagram – a seemingly direct knock-off of Pinterest. Are there no original ideas out there?
  • Presidential Photobomb – At Wednesday night’s MLB game between the Texas Rangers and the Philadelphia Phillies, Fox Sports’ reporter Emily Jones was upstaged by an impromptu appearance by George W. Bush. The former president casually strolled by during her broadcast and appeared to say “hey” when he noticed the camera. The unplanned cameo lasted just four seconds but quickly went viral.
  • You fly. They’ll buy. The fight for tech talent has never been fiercer, with cities across the U.S. ramping up efforts to entice qualified candidates to move outside of major metropolitan areas. Cities like Detroit and Buffalo are doling out serious incentives to people open to starting a new life in a new city. Those willing to relocate as far as Alaska can pretty much write their own ticket. 
  • Luxury LoosGuests at Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception this Saturday will be treated to nothing but the best –including a luxury “throne room,” featuring private cubicles outfitted with signature eco-friendly toilets from AndyLoos, and vanity units with luxury basins, large mirrors and spot lighting. Talk about a royal flush!