Nutella and Rosé Pineapples

June 2, 2017
As the rain clouds have turned into sunshine around the Windy City, summer seems to finally be on the horizon. With the temperatures finally hitting in the 70s, here are some other hot finds from this week:
  • New AP Stylebook – The AP Stylebook released the revised 2017 version this week, which included nearly 200 new or revised entries. One of the most important revised entries for PR, is the endorsement of using “they” as a singular pronoun. According to AP, this was done for two reasons, the “recognition that the spoken language uses they as singular, and we also recognize the need for a pronoun for people who don’t identify as a he or a she.”

  • Nutella Cafe – The world’s first Nutella café opened not only in Chicago this week, but across the street from our office! The lines this week maintained a steady stream outside, aided by the sunny weather. Patrons enter through a door shaped like a Nutella jar, which also includes pendants shaped like hazelnut flowers and a ceiling designed to remind customers of Nutella waves.
  • Internet Trends Report – Mary Meeker, a tech industry analyst since the 1980s, has released her annual trends report which highlights changes on social media and on the web. Some of the key insights include that internet ad spend will surpass TV within the next six months, the influence of the growing image and voice search and the value of customer service on social media.
  • National Spelling Bee– The national spelling bee is this week, and in honor of such a prestigious event, Google has taken us all down a peg by sharing what the most popular misspelled word is from each state. For us Illinoisans, it is “appreciate,” however our lovely friends up north have trouble spelling their own state – Wisconsin. Check out the full list and map here.
  • Rosé Pineapples – If you are looking for the inflatable swans of 2017, look no further. A new pineapple genetically engineered to be pink on the inside will soon be filling up Instagram for those “oh so lovely” summer photos. Learn all about this trendy fruit here.