Tips for Media, Measurement and Managing People

August 11, 2017
Lollapalooza – staged right outside our door – is already a memory, and Chicagoans have

enjoyed lovely weather this week. The forecast on social media is cloudy, with a chance of politics. I’ve selected my own favorite finds from a different sphere:

  •  PR Daily shared a blog post that highlights some fundamental elements of media relations work that are not taught in college programs. Great insight for job seekers and their interviewers.
  • Are your brand social media accounts following the guidelines Facebook has established for the namesake platform and Instagram? Are your own? Find out how to easily prevent an account shutdown with some common sense tips.
  • PR measurement isn’t all about the campaign results – it’s about establishing direction for future campaigns, too. Lots of tools make it ever easier.
  • As a manager of people, I found this article on motivating employees very interesting. Hope you do, too!
  •  Finally, on a random note, happy 80thbirthday, Dustin Hoffman! This was a great interview.