Braving Winter in Chicago

February 9, 2018

With the “biggest snow storm of the year” headed toward Chicago, everyone is starting to hibernate for the final six weeks of winter. Below are some of my favorite headlines of the week to keep you cozy over the weekend.
  • Super Sunday – Just like that, the biggest sports night of the year came and went.

    While the game was pretty exciting (the Philadelphia Eagles won their first-ever Super Bowl against the New England Patriots), as a professional in the PR industry, the ads were even more exciting. The trend this year was less brands, bigger story lines. Brands like Tide, Bud Light and the NFL didn’t just do one solo ad, instead, ads with entire storylines and characters were shown through the big game. Companies that stayed away from long-winded stories but still had people talking included Amazon Alexa, Doritos and Mountain Dew, Toyota and Budweiser. Take a look at commercial highlights here.

  • More Than Just Plunging Temperatures – On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average took a historical plunge of 1,175 points. This was the largest point decline ever in the Dow, making a lot of shareholders and investors worried about its future. This dive in points was unique because it wasn’t caused by any one event, in fact, in recent months the stock markets have been doing very well. Even with the market taking another dive on Thursday, here’swhat you need to know about the plunge and how the Dow will continue to change. 
  • Slippery Start to the Winter Olympics – From one major sporting even to another, Thursday marked the official start to the Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea and tonight the opening ceremony will commence. However, this Olympics feels about different than years past. With tensions between North Korea and pretty much every other nation on high, North and South Korea have come to a sort of agreement to promote “unity” for the games. On another note, the Olympics were plagued with a sickness called Norovirus– as of Wednesday, 86 people – no reported athletes – were diagnosed with the food and waterborne illness. Aside from these troubles, be sure to tune in over the next couple of weeks to NBC for all of the winter sport fun!

Stay warm, Chicago!