Social Soirees

March 2, 2018
As Chicago jumped through forecasts from spring, fall and winter temperatures this week, the social sphere was busy with trending topics. Here are just a few of my favorite finds from this week:

  • Ladies’ Night – Johnny Walker has rolled out a limited edition of its iconic scotch, “Jane Walker,” in an attempt to help reach more women who can be “particularly intimidated” by scotch. The bottle will be available in March for Women’s History Month, if you feel ladies need their own scotch, such as the recent female-oriented Doritos.
  • Bookmark for Later – In an increasing move of social media as a news source, Twitter launched a new feature this week, “Bookmarks,” allowing users to save content to read later. This new feature also allows users to save items in a private function, whereas likes and favorites are in the public domain. To use the new feature, simply click on the new “share” icon found to the right of the favorite button.
  • Powerful Influence – Influencers are a powerful tool on social media. For our clients, that can be a wonderful tool, however it also comes with enormous responsibility. After a recent Snapchat update which confused many, one tweet from star Kylie Jenner dismissing the app from her daily use had the Snap Inc. stock plummeting. Great case study on the true value of celebrity prowess. 
  • Ad Free Social Media – A new platform, Vero, is promising a platform to users that will have no ads. Founder and billionaire Aymnan Hariri says he was frustrated by the privacy options on current networks and wanted a place he could be comfortable with his friends and family. Vero is currently free but will eventually have a small subscription fee. All new users currently will be given a “free for life offer,” so check it out here.