DIY Bloggers Show How to Keep a “Fresh Home Happening”

March 6, 2018
Influencer programs can be very effective at reaching specialized audiences if your strategy is on-point when choosing partners and platforms. In order to reach client Filtrete’s target audience of hardware store customers and other DIY enthusiasts, LCWA secured partnerships with three expert YouTube influencers to produce step-by-step video tutorials on replacing Filtrete vacuum bags, filters and belts to optimize performance.
Through the YouTube partners – Page Danielle, The Handyman and Keep Calm and Clean – the program successfully tapped into DIY-ers’ desire to learn new tasks visually and directly from experts. Also included in the video was the promotion of Filtrete products’ leading benefits for a fresh and healthy home, and information on retail availability.

With 34,000 views and counting, the highly credible video content produced in this program will help DIY-ers nationwide keep their vacuum running at peak performance and their Fresh Home Happening with Filtrete. We are looking forward to continuing this momentum with exciting consumer programs as 2018 revs up.