What’s Next for Zuckerberg and the Royal Family? Among Other Things…

April 13, 2018

I must admit that some news went unnoticed by this writer this week as I tuned in to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress. And while I may not have heard all 10 hours of questioning from the almost 100 lawmakers, one thing was clear: both sides have a lot of homework left to do when it comes to privacy, safety and democracy. The

commentary seen across social channels and news outlets spoke volumes this week as Americans leaned in to talk about the role the Internet plays in the world today and questioned what level of government regulation is necessary.

As for other headlines, here are a few other stories that piqued my interest.
  • It’s Here … The Final Star Wars Trailer – For those not tuned in to politics and the Zuckerberg testimony, another video popped up this week – the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. As expected, the trailer is of course a point of debate for loyal fans. Director Ron Howard jumped in to complete the project after directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were taken off the project. The movie is set for release late May.
  • International Walk to Work Day – April 6 has come and gone, but it is never too late to get your daily steps in. Recently Hearst Magazine’s Digital Media (HMDM) partnered with FitFlop to encourage its readers to participate. The social media campaign aimed not only to raise awareness of the day, but also to provide support for FitFlop wearers from the feet up so that they may focus their attention on the worthwhile things in life, not foot pain. It was interesting to see how HMDM’s influencer network latched on to the concept, sharing lifestyle imagery and unique content centered on their walk to work.
  • Royal Watch – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to rock the headlines as their May nuptials approach. From Markle’s former psychic advisor reporting his earlier prediction of her royal future to her estranged sister’s furious tweets about the lack of Markle family members invited to the bash, reports of the “Hollywood” couple are many. What’s more, Markle’s continued impact on the fashion industry – similar to that of Duchess Kate Middleton – is not going unnoticed. Scottish leather goods brand Strathberry recently saw a 5,000% increase in sales of its midi tote, which Markle wore during a recent stroll. I too almost jumped on the bandwagon to grab the tote until I saw the $675 price tag (and its sold out status)! Oh, and let us not forget to keep watch for the pending birth announcement of the fifth in line to the throne. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third baby is due this month. Bets as to whether they’ll have a boy or a girl?