Media Game Changes & Critters

June 15, 2018

Major media announcements and adorable animals were trending Twitter topics this week.

Here are some highlights from around the internet last week:

  • Social Star – The social media sensation this week was a raccoon who scaled a 23-story building. If you lost sleep over #MPRraccoon, you can stop worrying; He’s been released back into the wild. After his brave urban adventure of perseverance, the Twitterverse is asking, “Could MPRraccoon be the next TIME person of the year?
  • Mass Media Moves – From mergers to bidding wars, the biggest players in media and communications are making deals, going to court and collecting millions. CNBC Tech breaks down how several potential deals could change the media landscape.
  • Dumbo Drop – Another classic remake! Disney released the teaser trailer for its Dumbo live-action remake in the middle of the night, causing a Twitter frenzy Wednesday morning. Get ready, this one is going to be a tear-jerker.
  • Twitter Time – Announced this week, Twitter is launching personalized news features, a more robust search, event notifications and more – all to make the platform even more in-the-moment. For PR pros and brands, this means that Twitter is becoming the go-to platform to maximize engagement during a live event.