Paths to Leadership: Transitioning to Supervisor Seminar

June 19, 2018

Recently, a few members of our Chicago PR team participated in a National Seminars

Training workshop called, “How to Successfully Make the Transition to Supervisor,” where we got an introduction on navigating the world of management. The day-long seminar offered great insight on how to build rapport with colleagues, encourage employees to take initiative and key habits that define every great manager.

From communication strategies to motivation techniques, we learned how to handle the unique challenges that come with making the jump to a supervisory role. Here are a few insights and tips we learned from the seminar:
  • Be a guide on the side – avoid micro-managing and allow colleagues enough space to tackle a project and learn from their experience.
  • Create connections, not commands – walk around the office without an agenda. Make conversation, don’t just check on assignments. This is essential to building strong working relationships.
  • Consult, don’t confront – always encourage employees to solve issues with other colleagues before seeking management for a solution. This insinuates that they should have an active role in finding a solution and resolving the problem. 
  • Seek input from others, maintain confidences and celebrate others’ success.

A interesting portion of the seminar discussed the most effective approaches for managing Millennials and Generation Z, who will soon be entering the workforce. For instance, Millennials want frequent feedback and are used to working in teams, preferring collaborative work, when possible. On the other hand, Generation Z are very entrepreneurial and have lived most of their lives on social media, and are likely more interested in working independently.

We participated in role-playing and small group discussions throughout the seminar and will put these expert strategies and proven skills to good use as we adapt to our roles as account supervisors at LCWA.