Social Scoop: Instagram TV, Soccer Induced Earthquakes and High-Heel Marathoning

June 22, 2018

The mix of trending topics this week runs far and wide. The “official” first day of summer flew by in a rainy disguise, and national #SelfieDay came and went right along with it. Here’s the social scoop for the week: 
  • Instagram announced its newest app, IGTV, or Instagram TV. It’s only in the early stages of its launch, and many haven’t updated current apps with the new feature, so it’ll be interesting to see response to this new addition.
  • The World Cup is in full swing

    and it’s been a wild ride so far, to really say the least. It was reported that fans in Mexico City, as they celebrated their team’s upset win over Germany and Mexico’s Hirving Lozano’s game-clinching goal, sparked two small earthquakes. Though expertsare now saying that World Cup fans did not trigger these quakes, it was just great timing. It’s also been reportedthat fans are drinking Moscow’s beer supply dry. 

  • The Trump administration’s immigration policy has taken extreme heat on social media all week, culminating in President Trump signing a new executive order that will keep far more families together at the border
  • It’s a big week for New Zealand as the country welcomed a new baby to its ranks – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern safely delivered a baby girl Thursday morning, making her just the second world leader to give birth while in office, and the first in 30 years. She’s also the first world leader to take maternity leave. 
  • Heels wouldn’t be our first choice for running, but don’t second guess Bryce Dallas Howard and her footwear when it comes to jungle and survival attire. That’s right, the heels are back for “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” and it was all Howard’s idea. As she put it, “Of course she’s going to wear heels to the office! She’s a chick who can outrun a T-Rex in high heels. This is her happy place.” While we’re on the topic of dinosaurs, a new study has revealed that most dinosaurs, including the T. Rex, could not stick out their tongues, upends many popular depictions of dinosaurs from the past 20 years.