You Can’t Hide From Beyoncé, the Brady’s and Bachelor Nation

August 10, 2018

This week we watched as the Bachelor finale stirred a mix of reactions, the iconic Brady Bunch house balanced a bidding war and Beyoncé graced the world with her historic Vogue cover. Read along for some of my favorite finds:

  • Beyoncé Slays, Again – The September issue of Vogue, the most important issue of the year, hit shelves this week with Beyoncé gracing the cover. Fans bowe

    d down all over Twitter, and not just to the Queen herself, but to her history making photograph Tyler Mitchell. He’s the first African American to shoot a Vogue cover in the magazines 126 year history.

  • Try My Bowls” – Jack in the Box is in the hot seat this week. Their latest ad brings sexual innuendos into the workplace with Jack trying to spread the word about his new teriyaki bowls. But in the #metoo era, many are questioning if this was the best creative angle for the team to take.
  • Intentional Facebooking – Facebook and Instagram announced they will soon be releasing new “Time Management” tools so you can see just how much time you’re spending everyday mindlessly scrolling through your feeds. We can’t imagine what those numbers will look like for those of us actually working in the social media world.
  • Wanted: to BORROW an Orange Cat – Yes borrow, not buy, and just for a quick 24-48 hours. The interesting headline of an ad that went viral on Reddit this week was posted by an “an increasingly desperate (but not crazy) mom” who just wanted to help her two young kids have a lasagna dinner with Garfield. No word yet on if she was able to find an orange cat but stay tuned, she promised Mashable an update…
  • Bachelorette Mayhem – Bachelorette Becca Kufrin picked her winner, uh I mean fiancé, Monday night in the season 14 finale – and fans were not happy. The internet reacted poorly to her picking Garrett Yrigoyen, though he does have a way with words coining the new phrase “You give me like…eagles” to express his feelings. A new season of Bachelor in Paradise kicked off this week too, so there’s no shortage of drama for Bachelor-franchise fans to decipher these days.
  • A Very Brady House Sale – “Here’s a story of a shady Brady,” Instagrammed Lance Bass this week when he found out he, in fact, did not place the winning bid for the iconic Brady Bunch house. Though he showed no hard feels a day later when he found out the winning bidder was actually HGTV who promised to restore the house to its 1970s glory.
  • Deep Dish vs. NY Style Pizza – New Yorkers did not take the news very well when it was announced this week the U.S. Pizza Museum would be popping up in Chicago and not New York. They’re arguing the museum belongs with their thin-crust slices, many even saying the location made as much sense as a Museum of Snow in Miami. Don’t worry about us though, we’re just over here enjoying our Giordano’s and watching this age-old debate play out.