Holding a Successful Facebook Sweepstakes

April 11, 2019

LCWA’s Social Media and PR Team regularly recommends including Facebook

Sweepstakes in our clients marketing strategies because they can help facilitate a number of goals and are an effective way to capture attention, engage your followers, gain new followers and improve your organic reach. Running a sweepstakes contest sounds easy on the surface, but a successful contest requires more strategy than just enticing people with a prize. Follow these six steps to get started hosting your Facebook Sweepstakes:

1. Set Goals
Start your planning by setting goals. Theses can range from collecting email addresses for your e-blasts, getting more followers or boosting engagement to promoting a product or simply raising brand awareness. Once you have your goals set you can structure your sweepstakes to produce the desired results.  

2. Choose a Host Platform
The simplest way to host a sweepstakes is through a third-party app, like Woobox or Wishpond. Through these apps, you’re able to connect your sweepstakes to your Facebook page, upload your own graphics and download useful entry information and statistics post-sweepstakes.

3. Draft Rules and Regulations
Sweepstakes must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including age and residency restrictions. Your contest terms and conditions must also make it make it clear that Facebook is not associated with or responsible for any issues related to the contest. Be specific when stating the time frame of the contest and don’t forget to include a link to the sweepstakes terms and conditions on your entry page.

4. Determine the Sweepstakes Entry Method and Prize
Your goals will help you to determine your entry process, we recommend keeping it simple. Try a two-step entry process like sharing an email address and answering a simple question related to the theme of the sweepstakes. When selecting a prize, offer one that’s appealing to your audience and incentivize people to follow through with an entry.

5. Promote and Monitor Your Sweepstakes
The average Facebook user sees hundreds of posts a day, make sure your sweepstakes stands out by using high-quality, attention grabbing graphics and clear call-outs like “Enter Now.” While your contest is running, post about it regularly on Facebook and your other active channels. And if you have budget for Facebook ads or promoting the posts, make the spend worth it by getting the contest in front of your target audience.

6. Select and Announce Winners
Selecting a random winner of the sweepstakes is the most impartial and you can use an online random number/name generator. Announce your winners in a fun way, try a Facebook Live broadcast or short video post, and be sure to contact winners directly within the specific time frame in the sweepstakes rules.