Rethinking Internal Communications After COVID

April 27, 2021

The way companies are communicating with employees has changed tremendously over the past year because of COVID-19. Almost overnight, companies were forced to adopt new communication tools and strategies in order to reach their people with vital and up-to-date information. With so many employees continuing to work from home, the main function of internal communications – to engage employees, share information, create culture and impart purpose – has never been more important.

Consistency is Key
To ensure effectiveness, internalcommunication channels must reach all employees at the right time and with the right message and content. In today’s setting, employees want to know when and where they will be receiving communications and so it’s imperative to create a regular cadence of communications and adhere to that timetable.

Employees also seek a sense of connection to replace the
face-to-face contact we were so used to experiencing before the pandemic. Thus, business leaders must find ways to create a virtual watercooler that supports social connection. One way to do so is through the adoption of new digital collaboration and communications tools and methods of professional growth training.

Effective Audits Drive Discussion

An effective method to gauge employee satisfaction is by conducting a communications audit that surveys employees about how they are handling work in the current environment and if they require any additional tools. Other communications tactics to further engagement and collaboration include training or wellness webinars, mobile employee apps, instant messaging tools, podcasts, video messages, weekly digital newsletters, lunch conferences, virtual coffee meetings, online games, contests or challenges, gamification for remote onboarding and employee rewards.


The coronavirus crisis is far from over and meeting the unique challenges it poses will require companies to plan new strategies for internal communications. While the pandemic has changed the way we interact and engage, efforts aimed at uniting an organization and fostering company culture can go a long way in improving employee morale and engagement.