Under the Table and Through the Flowers: Clever Ways to Promote Products at Events

June 8, 2010

Leave it to GROHE to make its faucets and showerheads even more beautiful! Thanks to a talented team of event planners, faucets and showerheads were the center of attention at a vibrant Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) party I recently attended.

GROHE did a great job of showcasing its products. Here are some tips I gathered on how to uniquely feature products at an event:

  • Blend in: The showcased products shouldn’t look like advertisements. Instead, try to blend them in with the event’s décor. For example, at the KBIS event, guests placed their food and drinks on double-layered glass coffee tables. Underneath the first layer of glass were faucets and showerheads, but guests had to look closely to spot them.
  • Let guests interact: Guests will be more interested in products if they are showcased in a way that invites interaction. GROHE displayed showerheads, bath and kitchen faucets that guests could sample and touch, allowing them to have actual experiences with the products instead of just viewing them as décor.
  • Think outside of the box: Be creative with where you place products. At GROHE’s party faucets were surrounded by votive candles as centerpieces, and vases on buffet tables were trimmed with colorful showerheads mixed in with the flowers.
  • Take it home: Have guests remember your product long after the event is over by handing out a catchy party favor. This can be a sample product, coupon to purchase the product, small “teaser” version of the product or complimentary item.

I hope these tips help you creatively show off products at your next event!