Breaking the Bad Email Chain

July 11, 2012

LCWA’s Research Group and The Grossman Grouprecently presented our “E-nough Alre@dy! Stop Bad Email” research results to IABC World Conference attendees.  In just two days, we distributed more than 200 copies of our research results, met with hundreds of inbox-burdened communicators and heard first-hand how irresponsible email usage is affecting corporations. 

If, like the IABC attendees, you are ready to take action against irrelevant and costly emails, we recommend these steps:
  • Put a Price on It. Make a business case for new email policies by tying a cost to the behavior. Our online Email Diagnostic can estimate how much bad emails are costing your organization.
  • Identify Your Weaknesses.  Communication cultures vary between companies, and even between departments. Identify the specific email vices at your organization – including which behaviors are the most pervasive, time-consuming and costly – before you build a solution. For a quick, cost-effective email assessment, email me about the LCWA Email Dx.
  • Build Better Etiquette. Create an informed email etiquette policy based on the facts you have gathered.

Eliminating email misbehaviors is a step toward more effective internal communications, but it isn’t the ultimate solution.  If you are concerned about improving employee engagement, work/life balance and productivity beyond an email overhaul, let’s discuss ways to assess your organization’s entire communication climate.