Favorite Finds

July 13, 2012

As we’ve stared out our windows this week on the Taste of Chicago 38 floors below and a few blocks away in Grant Park, we’ve been following the annual event’s news on Twitter! Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite finds this week:  
  • Cool graphics: PR Daily included a neat world map that illustrates the U.S. as the top Twitter user in the world.
  • Useful Tips: How to “rock Twitter chats on the go” from Social Media Sean are duly noted!
  • Olympics News: This New York Times story on an NBC and Facebook partnership caught our attention.
  • Possible American Airlines’ Merger: This news is dominating the business pages and the Twitter feeds of many an aviation enthusiast.  
  • Artsy Etsy: New app from Chicago art show favorite Etsy is getting attention.
  • Food news: Spiaggia at the Taste of Chicago?! Yum!