Favorite Finds

September 7, 2012

This week saw the start of football season and another Presidential convention, and we learned how social media is influencing both of them. We also discovered the ‘best loved’ food brand on social media. Following is a recap of some of our favorite stories:
  • Are you ready for some social media? As more NFL fans every season engage in social media while watching the game, networks like NBC, FOX and ESPN are beefing up their social media presence during football broadcasts this year.
  • Who do you love? We learned that on social media, Starbucks routinely scores at the top of the list among all consumer brands, not just food and beverage brands.
  • Avoid These Words!The PR News Staff showed us the 25 words and phrases they deemed to be overused to the point of being almost meaningless.
  • LinkedIn goes Facebook.LinkedIn rolled out a new notifications feature, which lets you know – in real-time – when someone likes something you shared on LinkedIn, views your profile, and accepts your invitation, among others.
  • Survey Says. A recent pollfound that social networking sites play only a modest role in influencing most U.S. users’ political views, with the biggest impact among Democrats.