Favorite Finds

January 18, 2013

It’s been anything but a slow week when it comes to sports PR. From Lance and Oprah to Te’o, there’s been plenty of reading and discussions to keep us busy. Luckily some other topics got through as well!
  • The Te’o Hoax: Lots of great stories out there about Manti Te’o and his role in the hoax of his “girlfriend’s” death. But we also like this article discussing Notre Dame’s Reaction.
  • Why Now, Lance? That’s the question around the office for Lance. This article from Bulldog Reporter doesn’t answer that, but it does have a unique PR perspective on the situation.
  • Facebook Gives Links Love: Facebook changed the way links are displayed. And like everything else Facebook does — it matters!
  • Best Cover Letter Ever? Not sure we agree it was the best cover letter ever, but there’s something to be said for honesty.
  • Go Team! Finally, with a bunch of journalism majors roaming the halls at LCWA, of course we were interested in this list of the largest journalism programs in the country. (Go #33!)