In the Mix…New Year, New Legislation

January 16, 2013

As a part of our work with client First Alert, the LCWA team is tasked with helping to raise awareness about new legislation as it pertains to fire and carbon monoxide safety.  In early 2013 two West coast states – California and Washington – enacted legislation to further the level of carbon monoxide protection.  The LCWA team has been proactively educating residents in both states for the past few years and as this last tenet of the public acts take effect, which primarily requires multi-family dwellings to be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms.  We are kicking off the year and the first month of the new laws with state-specific Facebook sweepstakes.  The team is using geo-targeted posts to get the word out.  The month-long sweepstakes aims to raise awareness among the general public, and informal polling tells us that we’ve educated 30% of those who have entered – they didn’t know about the law before the sweepstakes.  If you know someone in California or Washington – be sure to direct them to First Alert for a chance to “get alarmed” –