Favorite Finds

January 11, 2013

January is off to a busy start at LCWA!  This week, articles focusing on career improvement piqued our interest the most.  But never fear, we also got our social media fix!  Here are the stories that caught our attention:
  • A Career Boost. This no-nonsense list on 10 ways to advance your PR career in 2013 doesn’t mince words. My three favorite tips: stop complaining, avoid drama and get over it!
  • Female Leaders. I’m proud to be an employee of a company with a female CEO. This article from the Harvard Business Review on challenges female leaders face is a must-read for aspiring women.
  • Transitioning a New CMO. This article from Forbes discusses the trickle down effects of the 46 percent of new marketing leaders that will struggle in their new positions.  Four transition types can help make the company change a successful one.
  • The non-Instagram photo app? Who knew!? PR Daily outlines three great photo apps for PR pros, and not a single one is Instagram!
  • Women ≠ Loyal Consumers. According to this article from Social Media Today, most female consumers don’t have a loyal bone in their body when it comes to brands – getting deals is the name of the game.