Favorite Finds

February 22, 2013

Guards up this week, Twitter friends! While Q dumped snow all over the Midwest, our Twitter feed was a-flurry with all sorts of hostile takeovers, worst of lists – ok, and some helpful tips, tricks and social media news, too. Below are a couple of our favorite stories from the week:

  • Hack Attacks! Our hearts go out this week to Burger King and Jeep, both of which had their Twitter accounts hacked by social pirates who defamed the brands for hours until the accounts could be recovered. On the flip side for the burger giant, it’s followers – which numbered around 50,000 as of Monday evening – shot up to more than 110,000 by the end of the hackers’ reign.
  • Feeling Miserable? Looks like Q isn’t the only thing making Midwesterners frown. This week Forbes released their most miserable cities in the U.S.- and our home town ranked number four. Good thing our team doesn’t have the Chicago blues!
  • Gaga for Graph Search: Social media gurus are abuzz about Graph Search – and so are we. Before declaring it the Holy Grail, we recommend taking a nice long breath and reading this cool-headed review of the obstacles Graph Search will face before it can flourish.
  • Tweet-Cuts: PR pros have to work fast; so you know we love a good keyboard shortcut. For those of you stuck with the basic “Ctrl C” moves, upgrade your typing – and social media prowess – with these handy Twitter shortcuts.