Favorite Finds

May 31, 2013

We hope everyone enjoyed the short work week and the unofficial kick-off or summer!  Once again, we present you with our weekly dose of our favorite news stories for the week:

  • Death of the Professional Photographer? – This week, Crain’s Chicago Business announced that Sun-Times Media has completely eliminated their photography staff for both the Chicago Sun-times and its sister suburban papers.  When talking to a web editor at another suburban newspaper this week, I learned that simple images taken on a reporter’s or reader’s iPhone are typically sufficient for a story.
  • Early Onset School Year – According to a Stuart Elliot article in the  New York Times, advertisers are already hitting the papers with ads for the 2013-2014 school year, when students aren’t even out for the summer yet.  Will editorial shift their calendar forward as well?
  • Attribution EtiquetteSocial Media Today gives a simple breakdown of polite behavior when giving nods to original content authors online.
  • A Facebook Helping Hand – In addition to suggesting pages to users based on their current “likes,” Facebook is now encouraging users to “share” pages they already like with friends that might want to hit the thumbs up button as well.  Thanks for having our back, Facebook!
  • The Twitterverse Visualized – This week, Twitter put out a few cool maps that show every geotagged Tweet since 2009.  Our hometown Chicago is holding its own as one of the most tweeted-from locales!