In the Mix…Frigidaire Professional Creates Blogger Advocates with “Gift Guild”

June 4, 2013
Who doesn’t rely on bloggers for recipes and cooking advice these days? To help support the launch of Frigidaire Professional’s kitchen countertop appliance line at Target this spring, the LCWA team has been busy building partnerships with 10 influential food and home bloggers. Dubbed the Frigidaire Professional “Gift Guild,” these bloggers received several appliances to test, gift to friends or family and give away to readers on their blogs, all to encourage readers to give their loved ones the “gift of time” for graduations and weddings this season. As our partners post about their experiences, we’re thrilled to find that they adore the sleek designs and time-saving features of Frigidaire Professional appliances! From gourmet-quality recipes to whipping up family-friendly meals, our “Gift Guild” bloggers are helping create strong online buzz for Frigidaire Professional. We love building relationships with members of the blogging community for our clients, and we’re excited to introduce a new and influential audience to the benefits of cooking with Frigidaire Professional!