Favorite Finds

August 2, 2013
August is here and summer is in full swing. In addition to our summer party, we got our creative – and fun – juices flowing this week with these ideas, tips and research. 

  • YouTube Playbook – Stand back football season, YouTube has a game plan for aspiring social phenoms and it’s ready for the world. The online video site has revealed it’s official “Playbook” – gathered tips to help anyone get to the top of YouTube. Check out this interview with YouTube Head of Programming Strategy Ben Relles from the USA Today to learn more.
  • InstaCreativity – Viral videos have been an office topic all week, so we went exploring for some of the best, creative approaches to social video content and stumbled upon this great campaign from Lexus that combines Instagram and YouTube. Check it out to start thinking “outside the photo” on Instagram.
  • Summer Brand Lovin’ – Looking for ways to get your consumers to love you? New research shows marketers should focus on personalized content, which delivers higher purchase intent than broad outreach.
  • What Day Is It? OK, so by now we all know a camel who loves “Hump Day” – but its not so popular at the office, especially in the middle of summer. Fight the midweek slump and stay proactive with these 9 tips.