Contigo Shakes Things Up With Bloggers

October 17, 2013

With the launch of our client, Contigo’s AUTOCLOSE™ Shake & Go Tumbler, we’ve ramped up efforts for our “Shaken Not Stirred” blogger campaign to get products into the hands of on-the-go moms. Contigo is dedicated to continuous, meaningful innovations with the brand new Shake & Go Tumbler which lets consumers shake-to-mix or shake-to-chill their favorite beverages without spilling a drop. The tumbler features AUTOCLOSE technology, which seals the lid for shaking as soon as the straw is removed, making for a convenient one-handed drinking solution. For the past month we’ve been coordinating tests of the Shake & Go Tumbler with bloggers, and we’ve already seen many great testimonials and reviews highlighting the tumbler’s leak-proof technology that Contigo products are known for.  Take a look at what bloggers are saying about Shake & Go on 2 Wired 2 Tired, From Dates to Diapers and more!