Favorite Finds

October 18, 2013

Whenever I comb my Twitter feed, I am always amazed by the amount of advice that’s available. There are so many developments to keep up with on a daily basis (media, social, current events), and with a little help from friends, we’re able to stay up to speed through a few scrolls each day. Here’s some of what my favorite Tweeple had to offer this week:

  • Survey Says: Jeff Bullas is one of my favorite social media bloggers and this week, he talked about Facebook surveys and the features they offer. Definitely appealing to PR’s research interests!  
  • Powerful Presentations: One of my go-to resources when it comes to blogging and content curation is Heidi Cohen. This week she featured a handy 17-step guide to creating a killer presentation.  
  • Tuning out the Television: Mark Scott is a social media strategist and often shares helpful tips. One that caught my eye this week: YouTube now reaches more adults than any U.S. cable network.
  • Business Bits: It’s nice to have a resource that is focused on marketing specifically as it relates to B2B audiences, and we often find great nuggets from Steve Sipress. I gained a few tips on content marketing this week.  
  • Social Savvy: I always appreciate someone with an eye out for the latest tricks with the social tools our clients use every day and Shona Mackin shared great advice for Instagram.