Favorite Finds

December 2, 2013
With the holiday last week, it was quiet. So we took the opportunity to turn our attention to next year – what new trends are appearing and how can we implement them into our client work?  Here’s a quick look at what we dug into this week:
  • 2014 Marketing Strategies – Social Media Today did a great recap of statistics that will drive marketing strategies next year.  It’s chock-full of great information – and we’re happy to see social media and custom content will be a major presence.
  • Social Media Trends Check out these 5 social media trends for 2014. We’d love to hear your thoughts on number 2 – “giving up control.” It’s a scary thought, but according to the previous article, customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing.
  • Niche Amplification According to PRNewswire, niche amplification is one of the top PR focuses for 2014.  It seems like a buzz phrase, but, simply put, it means zeroing in on media outlets with very specific content as a way of targeting your key audience.