Favorite Finds

December 6, 2013
Everyone is busy with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season – and social media is no different! Below are some of the stories I found most interesting this week: 

  • Year of the Hoax – Pace Picante was in the spotlight when a comedian posted a Twitter exchange with the brand’s handle, @Pace_Foods. The social exchange got a lot of publicity before it was revealed that the entire thing was a hoax. We’re seeing more and more of these and it will be interesting to see if they continue to remain popular – or become more elaborate – or if the trend fades out.
  • Social Media “Oops” – Not all Twitter buzz was fake, however. The Republican National Committee tweeted a tribute to Rosa Parks on Sunday, but the wording that she “ended racism” raised a few eyebrows. That tweet sparked a new hashtag to poke fun: #RacismEndedWhen.  
  • Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm –Facebook announced that it’s changing the way its News Feed algorithms sort shared content. Now, more “high quality articles” will show up prominently, rather than meme photos.
  • Social Media Hacks – The announcement of more than two million stolen and leaked passwords for Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and more popular spots on the Internet left users scrambling.
  • Newsweek Revives, New York Magazine Survives – In the world of print media, many rejoiced at the announcement that Newsweek is reviving its weekly print edition, starting early next year. However, fellow weekly magazine New York Magazine announced that it is going from weekly to bi-weekly – leading many to wonder about the future of other weeklies.