Getting Fit with HIIT and Synrgy360

December 10, 2013
Last month, Chicago fitness bloggers got up close and personal with the tremendous capabilities of the Life Fitness Synrgy360 functional training system.  LCWA coordinated a fitness class to give these local bloggers a firsthand view of the revolutionary system, which is a perfect fit for the top fitness trend for 2014, high- intensity interval training (HIIT).  Held at The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Sport and Fitness Center, the class was led by Melissa diLeonardo, a 2013 Personal Trainers to Watch global finalist. diLeonardo’s class got hearts pumping by implementing HIIT on the system’s multiple stations, including the boxing bag, step-up platform and battle ropes. The bloggers were extremely impressed with the machine’s vast potential for a variety of workouts, and will be sharing their experiences on their blogs in the coming weeks. Check out Chicago Now’s Eri-Thonblog to see what she thought of the class and Synrgy360 – what she calls “an amazing piece of work out equipment.”