Favorite Finds

April 4, 2014
Two hot-button political issues had PR influence all over them this week, April Fools came and went and Starbucks had issues with Satan. Plus, you can swear in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal now.
  • Obamacare: After the rollout. Despite a near-shipwreck during its rollout, the Affordable Care Act met its initial goal of enrolling seven million Americans in the program by the deadline. A big reason why? Good PR strategies, of course!
  • That’s some hot coffee. Starbucks found themselves in a devilish situation when a Baton Rouge, La., schoolteacher claimed she was served two drinks with a pentagram and a “666” drawn on them.
  • April Foolishness. Few things are more predictable than the onslaught of corny corporate April Fools’ stunts.
  • Defending defense. Recently, editors all over the country received a media kit from the NSA. Here’s what it looks like. 
  • About #**#&@^ time.  The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are easing up on policies surrounding publishing profanity – if the words serve a real purpose.