LCWA Takes Industry Awards

June 5, 2014
Yesterday was a big day for LCWA, as we took home industry awards at both the Publicity Club of Chicago (PCC) and International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) of Chicago awards dinners. The team attending the PCC dinner was honored to see keynote speaker, former president Jimmy Carter, and those at the IABC event mingled with our peers at an open house that showcased other highlights of our city’s great work.
We were honored for our work on four different 2013 client projects:
  • Life Fitness “Flexing Muscle with Personal Trainer Relationships” PCC Golden Trumpet Award for International Public Relations and IABC Bronze Quill Award of Excellence for Communications Management, International Communication
    • In an effort to reach influential personal trainers and turn them into brand ambassadors for fitness equipment client Life Fitness, LCWA morphed an online awards program into an international personal trainer competition complete with an influential panel of expert judges from fitness organizations around the globe and a live top 10 event in London held to determine the winner. The result? Nearly 1,500 entries from personal trainers in 43 countries, resulting in nearly 100 percent growth over entries in 2012, with 58 percent of entries originated from non-US countries, and 2.8 million global media impressions.
  • Eureka “AirSpeed ULTRA’s Most Powerful Social Campaign”– PCC Golden Trumpet for Social Media Campaigns and IABC Bronze Quill Award of Excellence for Communications Management, Integrated Marketing
    • LCWA worked closely with the company and Doner, its advertising agency, to create a buzz-worthy social media campaign for the  new Eureka AirSpeed Ultra vacuum that would instantly convey its incredible suction power. Working with a “powerful” video showcasing the vacuum holding up a Mazda Miata and a series of unique crowdsourced videos, LCWA wove together an impactful, integrated social campaign that included outreach to Mazda dealers, a dynamic Facebook contest and a powerful disruption viral video push.  The result? PR efforts alone increased traffic to the web page by 125%. The Facebook contest efforts resulted in a 71% increase in fans, a 45% opt-in rate for Eureka email communications and a very engaged visitor who came back 3.5 times and stayed 2:35 minutes.

  • Trex “Trex Decks Out Social Media” – PCC Silver Trumpet Award for Social Media Campaign and IABC Bronze Quill Award of Excellence for Communication Management/Social Media
    • In 2013 Trex sought to expand its social footprint on Facebook and Pinterest. Together, LCWA and Trex effectively established the brand as the industry’s social leader through a year-long program of quality content, community engagement and enticing promotions. By the end of the year, Trex had effectively secured the industry leader position with a 10,000+ Facebook fan lead and nearly triple the number of Pinterest followers over its most active competitor.
  • First Alert “Safety with a Sense of Style Booklet”– PCC Golden Trumpet Award for Communications Materials – Brochures, Booklets or Books
    • LCWA conceived a communications piece that showcased the unique features of First Alert’s sleek new smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and presented them in a way that resonated with design-oriented audiences. The booklet has been vital in helping to generate nearly 1 billion impressions in 2013-2014.
Congratulations to our teams and clients for these award-winning programs!