Favorite Finds

September 19, 2014
Fall is approaching and as the leaves start to fall, we raked in some of this week’s top communications news! Below, I rounded up some of my favorite finds from the week.

  • Scots Vote on Independence from the UK – It has been building for months, and this week Scotland is finally voting on independence from the UK. While it has been an intense campaign effort on many fronts throughout Scotland, social media also played its part over the past few weeks – in fact, the debate over Scottish independence spurred 10 million Facebook interactions in the past month and a half alone!
  • Dancing Traffic Light Entertains for Safety – The company behind the original smart car, Smart, recently unveiled its latest innovation in Lisbon, Portugal – the dancing traffic light. The ad is part of Smart’s #WhatAreYouFor campaign, which emphasizes the company’s dedication to safety. Learn more about this creative campaign and if a dancing light could be coming to an intersection near you!
  • Apple’s iPhone 6 Sets New Pre-sale Record – While it was no surprise when Apple unveiled its latest iPhone last week, the company was overwhelmed with a record number of pre-orders –more than four million in the first 24 hours. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that “[Apple] will likely sell more iPhones this weekend, when retail sales begin, than on any previous weekend.” Check out the graph of historical iPhone pre-sales to see how this latest version compares.
  • Nine Tricks to Ease Public Speaking Fears – Speaking in public isn’t natural for everyone, but with a few simple tips, getting in front of an audience can become easier – and possibly even fun. Review this cool list of “tricks for you” and “for them” to start practicing today.