Favorite Finds

September 12, 2014
The week is ending on a chilly note in Chicago, but communications news has been heating up this week! Take a look at some of my favorite finds from the week.

  • DiGiorno Messes Up and Apologizes on Twitter – The scandal swirling around former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice has been unavoidable this week, and some brands have (unwisely) joined the conversation. DiGiorno’s misstep on Twitter taught two important lessons: ALWAYS research Twitter handles before joining conversations, and be upfront with apologies if you mess up.
  • Fighting Facebook’s Organic Reach Algorithm – Anyone who manages a Facebook page for our clients know that Facebook recently made it much harder for organic posts to reach fans. Check out these tips on how to succeed in the face of changing algorithms.
  • iPhone Release Surprises and Delights – This week, Apple trotted out the newest iteration of iPhone. The iPhone 6 is larger, thinner and boasts an amazing camera and features to make it easier for users to navigate between their apps. Check out all the details!
  • Revive Press Release Endings – It’s easy to get stuck in a release-writing rut, wrapping up releases with the standard “for more information, visit…” Use these tips to help craft strong endings to all of your press releases!