Connecting Globally at the PRGN Conference: London

October 27, 2014
Last week I was very lucky to attend the fall meeting of our Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) affiliates in London. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet with the principals from our partner agencies around the world, and this meeting was no exception. Here were some of the highlights:
  • Big Picture Perspective. During the conference, I led a roundtable discussion of attendees on the global economy, business landscape and PR outlook for next year. We also discussed expectations for social media and the major news stories of 2014. All of our partners had interesting perspectives on what’s going on in the world, and it was enlightening to discuss how the impacts of today’s realities vary from Seattle and Spain to Sweden and Singapore.
  • Idea Sharing. There is nothing more educational than hearing what is working – and what isn’t – for other mid-sized, independent PR firms. We discussed many new business and marketing dilemmas as well as recruiting and retention issues. Guest speakers gave expertise on valuable topics, and case studies showed creativity in action.
  • Networking 101. Meeting new friends, and catching up with old ones, is the best part of being a member of PRGN. Over delicious dinners or pints at the pub, the conference provided plenty of opportunities to really get to know my colleagues from around the world.
  • Award Winning.  I was proud to pick up two first place and one second place award on LCWA’s behalf. Knowing all of the great work done by the PRGN across the world makes receiving these honors – given for work done for clients Trex, Eureka and Life Fitness – even sweeter.

All in all it was another great gathering. While it was hard to say “cheerio” to our PRGN partners in London, we look forward to ongoing collaboration until our next gathering.