Favorite Finds

October 24, 2014

Here are my favorite finds from a very busy week.
  • 5 PR lessons from celebrities – Theses celebs bring more to the table than their talent; they have shown insight into ways PR pros can use these tips to help clients as well. Are you using any of these lessons already?
  • Calling in Sick? – CareerBuilder has released its annual list called “The Most Unbelievable Excuses for Calling in Sick” which ranges from “I just put my casserole in the oven” to “I accidentally got on the plane.” Check out the whole list and see if you recognize any of them.
  • PR News releases its own quiz – In this day and age of apps and ways to pass the time, PR News has made its own quiz to see which TV character in the PR biz you are, take it now and see if you agree!
  • Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made – With the last installment of The Hobbit movies coming out in December, Air New Zealand has released their newest safety video, “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made,” with guest appearances from Elijah Wood and director Peter Jackson – watch it and see if you think it’s as epic as they do!
  • RIP Mr. de la Renta – After battling cancer, Oscar de la Renta passed away on Monday at 82. Celebrities (and first ladies!) shared their tributes to this fashion icon and tweets came in from around the world to comment on his legendary career.