Favorite Finds

October 10, 2014
Here are my favorite reads from this week:
  • The future is…now? How do we truly define PR? Some question if the PRSA’s 2011 definition is still relevant as we barrel toward 2015.
  • Social media: It’s ladies night (and day and afternoon). With 55 percent more Facebook posts, 8 percent more Facebook friends and a 40 million person/month visitor lead over men on Twitter, women are tops in social media usage.
  • #BloodMoon. No, it’s not the name of your cousin’s garage band – the blood moon was a rare lunar eclipse early Wednesday morning that was huge on social and traditional media. Where were you for #BloodMoon?
  • I wanna get visual, visual. With visual content a necessity for social media success, use this infographic to succeed on Instagram!
  • More PR nightmares in Ferguson. In a brutally ironic twist, it was discovered that the man hired by the city of Ferguson to help improve its image had shot and killed a man a decade ago.