Favorite Finds

February 27, 2015
It was another informative and unexpected week online. My favorite finds this week:
  • Llamas and Dresses – The Federal Communications Commission may have decided the future of the Internet in its Net Neutrality decision on Thursday, but the Internet was more concerned with llamas and dresses. The Washington Post had seven reporters covering the story of two loose llamas in Phoenix, according to Poynter.
  • Mason Jar Cocktails – Pinterest is expected to hit 50 million active users next year, according to new research from eMarketer. The research firm says Pinterest has added more than 12 million active users since 2013.
  • Fly on the Wall– The management team behind the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and Philly.com shared a slideshowintended to educate their reporters on how to generate Internet traffic. The slideshow includes guidance on writing Internet-friendly stories, and how to write a buzzy headline. It’s great insight for PR professionals into the workings of today’s media.
  • #I’veMadeaHugeMistake – The Conservative Political Action Committee, commonly known as CPAC, tried to hold a Twitter Q&Aduring its annual convention. Every use of the corresponding hashtag was a joke or criticism – proving once again that groups under fire should proceed with caution when developing their own hashtags.
  • All Kitten Videos – YouTube released a new, kid-friendly version of YouTube for mobile devices. TechCrunch points out that parents have been asking for this service for a long time.