Favorite Finds

April 17, 2015

With the 24/7/365 social media cycle, there’s no telling what sort of weird, funny, depressing or interesting info you’ll find. Here’s a mix of this week’s hodgepodge: 
  • Humor from Hilary. The new presidential candidate shows her funny side on her website’s error pages.
  • A state in crisis. Indiana hired a PR firm to rebuild reputation after the state’s disastrous religious law situation   
  • Who do ya trust? Should consumers trust established (evil?) corporations or the questionably-credible bloggers trying to bring them down.
  • GOOOAAALLLLL! (TAAAACCTIIICCSS!!) What do PR and soccer have in common?
  • Going inZAYNE? A body-language “expert” analyzed the remaining One Direction members’ body language in first pic sans-Zayne.