Favorite Finds

April 10, 2015

A mostly rainy week has finally turned to sunshine in Chicago, and the wild weather was matched by a week of wild online stories. Here are some of our favorites from the week.

  • Mad Lessons: Sunday was bittersweet, as “Mad Men” returned but for the final time. This article cataloging client lessons from the show was a work-oriented way to celebrate the final season’s launch.
  • Buzzing: This list of 2015’s newest buzz words gives us some ideas of new trends in social measurement, such as “attention metrics.” Though in this increasingly distracted world, the fight for attention is perhaps the hardest fight of all.
  • The Influence of Influncers: We stand behind the influence of key influencers, though sometimes it can be hard to measure and prove. This article tackles that conundrum. 
  • A Wise Woman Once Said…: The U.S. Post Office found a mistake more embarrassing than a typo when the quote on the Maya Angelou stamp was found to be a quote by Joan Walsh Angluno, instead. Ouch!
  • Spoiler Alert: No more avoiding the phone or internet before watching your favorite shows. Google has been granted a patent for hiding information about certain episodes or chapters.