Favorite Finds

September 18, 2015
From new Facebook features to tips on improving writing, this week’s Twitterverse featured several helpful tools for both journalists and PR practitioners. Here are my favorite finds for the week:
  • Facebook Launches Signal: Facebook has launched Signal, a new tool that help

    s journalists find and curate stories on FB and Instagram.

  • Survey Says: Although most CEOs understand and appreciate the value corporate communications can bring to their company, a new global study has found that few have the proper applications and people in place to benefit from that value.
  • Creating Cool Infographics:Using these 20 tools can help make the process of creating infographics simpler than ever.
  • Thumbs Down? Facebook CEO and grey t-shirt fan Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Facebook is working on a dislike button to help people better express themselves on the social network.
  • Zippy Writing: A recent post by @PRDaily suggests writers pay close attention to the descriptors they use and utilize precise and meaningful adjectives and adverbs to improve writing.