Favorite Finds

November 6, 2015
There were so many great stories in the news and on the net this week – from actress Leah Remini pulling back the curtain on Scientology to the cleaning of the Seattle gum wall. Here are a couple of others that caught our attention:
  • Republicans v. Reporters – Presidential candidates from the GOP declared war this week on what they have referred to as “lamestream” media. Representatives from most of the Republican presidential campaigns met for a post-debate Airing of Grievances and subsequently drafted a list of demands for future debates. The response from media? Be careful what you wish for!
  • Amazon Accelerates Black Friday – Expanding on the success of the Amazon-created sales holiday Prime Day earlier this year, Amazon announced it’s now launching a dedicated Black Friday Deals Store where Amazon Prime members will get early access to some of the best discounts.
  • Don’t Shoot the Messenger (App) – Messenger apps have experienced exponential growth over the past several years and, according to Social Media Explorer, may represent the future of marketing. With Facebook announcing ambitious plans to expand its own Messenger app to new heights, it might be time to consider the potential of this medium for reaching and engaging a new generation.
  • Infatuation with Infographics – Have you ever wondered why we all seem to love infographics? The team at NeoMam Studios did some digging into this question and compiled an infographic (what else?) on the science behind why our brains crave these beautiful displays of data points.
  • Breaking news from Facebook– Facebook announced this week that its next app will alert users to breaking news. The social networking giant is partnering with an array of big media brands, including CNN, Mashable, CBS, The Washington Post and Vogue, to introduce an app called Notify, which will go live next week. According to PR Daily, this could be a sign of great things to come for PR, marketing and communications professionals.
  • Parents at Work?Thursday marked “Bring Your Parents to Work Day,” an event created by LinkedIn to allow parents a glimpse into what their children do at work. While seemingly harmless, this event sparked a series of fun, yet mixed reviews from media. We particularly enjoyed these two from the Huffington Post (Pro) and Inc. (Con).