Favorite Finds

December 11, 2015
As we near 2016, the Twitterverse is already buzzing with top 2015 lists and reflections on another year gone by. Here are my favorite finds from this week!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s Top Pop Culture Picks – The President and First Lady shared their favorite movies, songs and TV shows from 2015. Plus, watch POTUS eat salmon that had been chewed on by a bear!
  • Readers’ ChoiceThe New York Times published its 50 most popular articles from this year.  Instead of counting clicks, the stories that readers spent the longest time reading made the cut as the favorite NYT articles of 2015. Leading the list are stories from the “Modern Love” column.
  • Video Killed Social Reading – Facebook and Twitter users spent significantly more time than ever this year watching videos. GoPro cameras were a hot commodity, investments in video-streaming companies doubled and Periscope skyrocketed, with Apple naming it “App of the Year.
  • Chipotle Crisis Continues – For another consecutive week #Chipotle trended on Twitter as critics analyzed the company’s PR approach to crisis communications. According to a PR Daily article, several consumers think the CFO should show more compassion.
  • Twitter Politics – The Wall Street Journal published Twitter’s top social media moments from 2015. Check out the trending moments from the year that were central to the U.S. political landscape.