Favorite Finds

April 8, 2016
It’s the first week of Q2 2016 and from the Twittersphere I sense a renewed energy in the air. I enjoyed mining the feed this week for tangible tips and notable news – and I present to you, my favorite finds:

  • Viva video, and virtual reality – We’ve already seen the positive engagement that can come from using video on social channels. Periscope and Facebook Live are already regularly integrated into many brand campaigns. What’s next? Virtual reality, which Mark Zuckerberg says “is going to be the most social platform.” It’s all detailed in this article from PR Tactics. And, as ‘American Idol’ said its (maybe temporary) goodbyes this week, Mashable told us how video has helped create a surge for the brand.
  • It’s what’s on the inside that counts – Illusion puzzles continue to create social buzz. From “where’s the penguin?” to “what color is this?” people seemingly love participating in a social guessing game. This week, the red dot swept the internet. Could you see the image inside?
  • Bots are big. Some think this is going to be the year of the chat bot. Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference is next week and the company is said to announce a bot store for Facebook Messenger. Chat bots use automated messaging to help consumers “do everything.”
  • And, action! In almost every communication, we are told to stress the call to action for the reader. Here, PRNewswire gives us 10 reminders about making the most of that call, and converting.