Saturating Sun Joe Social Media

April 13, 2016

Although the Sun Joe social community is regularly active and engaged on Facebook and Twitter, the LCWA Sun Joe team has trumped that success with daylong social campaigns that tie to a seasonal activity. These 24-hour blitzes greatly increase reach and engagement – and they were done without spending a dime in ad dollars. Recently – two of these days helped us jumpstart the season:

  • Here Comes the Sun – Spring Kickoff: To help the social community transition from Snow Joe to its sister brand Sun Joe, we leveraged the first day of spring for a seasonal brand switch. Each hour we revealed a different Sun Joe spring product. If that product photo reached our engagement goal, we gave one away to a fan who entered. The results were outstanding. We organically gained 450 fans in one day, our organic reach outpaced past promoted posts – garnering 81,200 impressions in one day – and we secured more than 5,000 engagements and shares.
  • See It? Saw It! – QVC Day: When Sun Joe has several segments planned for QVC, we take to the social media airwaves to help broadcast the sale and give fans a two-screen experience. On March 26, to end the first week of spring, the LCWA team planned a day full of social media

    activities that encouraged fans to participate, engage and stay with us during the entire day. We built in a RT sweepstakes, a virtual scavenger hunt, collected user-generated content and shared the QVC information during the day. If the spring kickoff was successful, this was the cherry on top of a great launch week. In just one day, we organically reached more than 100,000 fans and engaged a whopping 10,696 fans. 

 We hope to keep our fans coming back for more all season long!