Favorite Finds

June 3, 2016
With Memorial Day kicking off the summer season and Chicago feeling the first of hopefully many warm days, here are my favorite finds from this week:
  • New rules from AP Stylebook – June 1 marked AP Stylebook updates, notably moving to lowercase internet and web. In addition to this change which has received a lot of discussion, there are about 250 new or updated terms or phrases, including “no

    rmcore” and “emoji.”

  • Instagram Updates – In response to the large amount of companies on the platform, Instagram announced it is giving businesses the opportunity to have a different type of profile on the platform.  Business profiles will roll out in the coming weeks and offer analytics tools that give brand managers a better sense of how well their posts are performing.
  • Gorilla Gone Global – After an incident at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend led to an employee shooting and killing a gorilla to save a 3-year-old boy who fell in an enclosure, parents went to social media to question the responsibility of the parents as well as the rights of Harambe, the 17-year-old gorilla who was shot. As this crisis continues to unfold, PR Daily provides insight into the crisis lifecycle.
  • Facebook Diversifies Emojis1,500 more emojis joined Facebook Messenger this week to better reflect gender and skin tones, and providing more options for the 900 million users. Facebook Messenger product manager explained this decision, “Emojis are one of the most important ways we communicate emotion to each other.”
  • Smiley is BackWal-Mart reintroduced Smiley this week after a 10-year hiatus. First introduced in 1990, Smiley is being considered an “old friend” and a “symbol of low prices.” Maybe this is a sign that in fact everything does become “cool again.”