Favorite Finds

October 7, 2016
This week has had its fill of news! From Paris jewelry theft and the Google Pixel announcement to the vice presidential debate and the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, social media gurus have been busy. I tried to weed through to find some useful communications tips among the latest breaking news updates:
  • This blog post gives some thoughtful advice on leveraging the growing presence of Snapchat. The statistics on this booming user base are pretty compelling, too!
  • PR Newswire tweeted a link to this article about earned media and its importance in a content marketing strategy. This is a particularly good read for PR novices, who will nod their heads as they read this.
  • Have you ever struggled with starting a script for a presentation? PR Daily offered up some useful ways to make a better impact and advice on what not to do.
  • Human brains “process images 60,000 times faster than text”! Read about some visuals that help attract social shares, courtesy of jeffbullas.com.
 Have a safe weekend!