Favorite Finds

December 23, 2016
This week on Twitter, the social media behemoth, Facebook, made headlines and hashtags nearly every day. Here are my favorite #Facebook finds:
  •  Radio Rises Again – Social media won’t kill the radio star. Facebook plans to introduce live broadcast streams in 2017. Once fully launched, any user can set up their own radio station on the platform, with access to a potential audience of 1.75 billion people.
  •  The Fake News Fix – The German government doesn’t think Facebook’s anti-fake news tools are enough. Amid fears that viral fake news stories could affect the country’s 2017 national elections, the government is planning a bill that will fine Facebook 500,000 euros ($522,000) per fake news post!
  •  Social Celebs – According to Vanity Fair, 2016 was the year that social media replaced celebrity public relations. In today’s cultural landscape, social platforms have become more valuable than tabloids and television. But, the author warns, not having a PR pro can be dangerous territory – causing celebs to lose control of a situation, which can outweigh what they gained in authenticity.
  •  Zuckerberg’s Acting Debut – Having revealed how he built his AI assistant, dubbed “Jarvis,” Mark Zuckerberg has now shared a video showcasing the virtual assistant in action. While Zuckerberg won’t be winning any Oscars, the video is pretty funny – and features Morgan Freeman as Jarvis!
  •  Facebook Live Tools – In accordance with the biggest social media trend in 2016, Facebook has released a set of new features to help manage its live video streaming. Venture Beat shares how celebrities and social media teams can better collaborate, edit and manage Facebook Live shares.